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Required Documentation

You can find the basic documentation needs to secure your medallion stamp depending on the nature of your transaction below. The list does not include every type of transfer.  We can help you with all your medallion stamp needs.  If you do not see the type of transaction you need:

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Account Transfer or Rollover

1. Recent statement for the account being transferred

2. Two pieces of ID

3. Copy of the form that requires the Medallion Signature Guarantee (Complete the form but do not sign it)

Death Related Transfer

1. Death Certificate

2. Proof you are the beneficiary, trustee, executor, or co-owner of the account.

3. Two pieces of ID

4. Copy of a recent statement or other documentation showing the dollar value of the transfer

5. Copy of form that requires Medallion Signature (Complete the form but do not sign it)

Inherited stocks, bonds, cash or other assets

1. Most recent account statement (if applicable)

2. Testamentary letter or other document confirming Executor or Trustee Status

3. Drivers license of Executor or Trustee

4. One additional piece of ID from Executor or Trustee

5. Share Certificate or Ownership statement

6. Stock Power (This document requires the medallion stamp)


These are guidelines only for just 3 types of transfers. There can be many other types of transfers. Depending on various factors like where you live or if the total value of an estate or transfer is low, you may require less documentation. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you contact us, so that we can guide you according to your specific situation.

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