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Simple Process

  • Describe your transaction to us (click the "Tell us what you need" button)

  • We tell you what we need from you

  • You get us the document(s) that require a medallion stamp signature guarantee

  • We handle the rest

  • No office visit required.

The entire process is simple and efficient.  We walk you through the transaction and answer any questions that may arise.  We are proud of our customer service capabilities.




Medallion signature guarantee​ for transfer of:

  • Public company shares

  • Private company shares

  • IRA/401k/Funds/Bonds

  • Inheritance or TOD documents

  • REIT interests

  • Treasury securities (savings bonds)

  • 529 savings plans

We can also help you with

template documents as needed.

A medallion signature stamp guarantee is a binding warranty guaranteeing that your signature is genuine, that you're an authorized signer, and that you have the legal capacity to sign.  A medallion stamp is required for the transfer of certain securities and for other transactions involving transfers of value.

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