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Medallion Signature
Guarantee Service

We help you secure the medallion stamp you need for your transaction

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The Process

The process is easy, simple and efficient. We walk you through the transaction and answer any questions you may have.


We take pride in our customer service

Step 1

Describe your transaction to us and we'll tell you what we need

Step 2

Securely send us the document(s) that require a medallion stamp signature guarantee

Step 3

Complete Payment

*For transactions over $250,000 we will provide a quote and an invoice*

Step 4

We stamp your documents with the medallion signature guarantee



Medallion Signature Guarantee

Verify My Signature

We are in the business of providing individuals and entities medallion signature guarantees overlaid with excellent customer service. We provide stockholders and other stakeholders medallion signature guarantees for the transfer of their securities and other transfers of value. Our goal is to make your experience quick and efficient, and most importantly, to provide you with the medallion signature guarantee you need.

What is a medallion Guarantee?

A medallion signature stamp guarantee is a binding warranty guaranteeing that your signature is genuine, that you're an authorized signer, and that you have the legal capacity to sign.  A medallion stamp is required for the transfer of certain securities and for other transactions involving transfers of value.



"I just want to thank you for making this an easy process for me. I've been dealing with this for awhile, I just wish I would have found you guys first. The other company was a nightmare all around. I'll recommend your company to anyone that will listen. Thanks again."  

-JM Nelson, Wisconsin



Contact Us

800 East Cypress Creek Road Suite 204

Fort Lauderdale, Fl.  33334

Tel: 888-347-8267

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