1. You tell us what the value of your transaction is and what

your transaction is for.


2. We verify your identity by requesting and collecting necessary forms such as driver's license, passport, or other forms of valid identification that include your signature. 


3. Our verification systems then review your forms for proof of identity. Once authenticated your information will be kept secure.


4. Once identity is proven and payment is made we provide you with our medallion signature guarantee overnight via mail. 

We must verify your identity
We do this by requiring you to upload a form of identification such as your driver's license, passport, or other form of valid identification that includes your signature
We must verify you are authorized to sign the document(s)

We may require you to upload copies of your business shareholder or operating agreements (if applicable), as well as a board resolution or other document confirming you are eligible and authorized to sign the document

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We require copies of the document(s) that will require a medallion stamp
We will need copies of the share certificates, stock powers or other documents depending on the transaction
Once we review these documents, you send us the originals (or upload them depending on the document type) and we secure the medallion stamp for you
We deliver the medallion stamped documents according to your direction.  We can send them back to you, or we can send them directly to your transfer agent