Handling the transfer of brokerage accounts, bank accounts, or securities after someone has died usually requires some paperwork!

You will need the following:

  • a death certificate

  • a court letter of appointment (or other document) naming the executor Or a copy of the trust document (if any)

  • a “stock power” (if you're transferring physical securities)

  • a state tax inheritance waiver

  • an affidavit of domicile

  • a trustee certification for accounts held in trust (trust documents)


Basically, brokerage firms and banks want to be sure that they are dealing with the right person, that the person is properly authorized to handle the transfer, and that any liabilities of the account are properly handled before transfer. 


There are different kinds of accounts.  For example, there may be accounts that are set up as Transfer on Death or “TOD” accounts.  The disposition of these accounts are predetermined prior to a person’s death.  Other accounts are subject to different kinds of Trusts.  In any case, all transfers will require a medallion signature guarantee of the transfer paperwork.
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