We service customers ranging from individuals, financial advisors and estate planners to multi-billion $ corporations.

We've helped individuals to:

  • make withdrawals from their IRAs, 401ks, 403bs, 529 plans

  • transfer securities and accounts they've inherited from deceased loved ones

  • transfer securities and accounts for estate planning purposes

  • move accounts from one institution to another

  • execute name changes to accounts after life events, such as marriages or divorces

  • repurchase and transfer REIT interests

  • More

We've helped corporations, including corporates, banks, hedge funds and law firms to:

  • help clients transfer securities in conjunction with capital raising activities and private sales

  • transfer securities in connection with mergers and acquisitions

  • transfer assets for tax planning purposes

  • provide their existing clients with medallion stamp services they no longer offer

No matter who we're serving - CUSTOMER SERVICE IS OUR THING!  We pick up the phone, listen and try to help you execute your transaction - large or small.

Here's what our customers are saying:

I just want to give a shout-out to the amazing service we have received from your company!  I needed to get a medallion signature guarantee for my in-laws who are about 90 years old, and tried to schedule a time with the bank that would be convenient.  Suddenly, the Coronavirus hit the NYC area very hard, and it was too risky to have them leave their home!  We waited six weeks and almost gave up, but then a couple of days ago I found your site on Google.   A quick call to you, some documentation emailed to you, and I had a pdf of the signed documents that same day!  The originals then came two days later!  Amazing service, and very highly recommended!  Thank you! - MF, Fresh Meadows, NY

The most promising option now is verifymysignature , a company that provides this as an online service (they use a digital signature process) whereby they apply their stamp to a filled-out copy of the form DWS wants stamped without signing, they stamp it after using their process for identifying you, and mail it back to you so you can affix the original signature.  Whew!.....And, they guarantee to refund payment if the bank won't accept it for any reason.  I can report success with verifymysignature.com as our Gold Medallion-stamped document arrived today. - JH, Minden, Nevada

We cannot thank you enough for your professional manner of the handling of our transaction.   There was no way of me obtaining a Medallion Signature Guarantee in Central Tennessee in person and you made that happen for me.  Your quick and timely response made my very stressful situation easy and seamless.  You guys are awesome!  Fast, efficient and professional...who can ask for more?  I will always recommend and use Verify My Signature for all transactions needing a Medallion Signature Guarantee. - SB, Jasper, Tennessee

That was painless!  I can’t believe I ever dealt with anyone else.  Thank you! - AL, Eatontown, New Jersey

Thank you for prompt assistance! - VC, New York, New York

Excellent! Thank you for such speedy work. Truly appreciated! - DS, Spring Hill, Tennessee

Much appreciated and we continue to look forward to using your services! - CEO - Real Estate Limited Partnership

Thank you very much, appreciate the quick action! - Corporate Secretary - Publicly traded software company

Once again I really appreciate all the help you provided to try and get this done - CFO - Billionaire Family Office

By the way, there is a lot more work behind this. - Partner - Globally recognized law firm

That was as painless as it could possibly have been, cannot thank you enough! - VP - Registered Investment Advisors

Thank you so much for talking with me today. What a comfort to have this help! - BC - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Thanks again for your quick help!  You rock! - MB - Pleasanton, California

Wow!  You folks really know what you are doing and your turnaround time is unbelievable! - CEO - Financial Advisor

I just want to thank you for making this an easy process for me. I've been dealing with this for awhile, I just wish I would have found you guys first. The other company was a nightmare all around. I'll recommend your company to anyone that will listen. Thanks again. - JM - Nelson, Wisconsin

Yet another satisfied client!  Your team was very professional in guiding me through a rather complicated process with the signatory being an almost 90 year old living abroad.  The team worked with him in a clear manner and he understood what needed to be done and he succeeded in doing his part in this process.  There was very little delay and the price quoted was honored with no surprises.  The paperwork was for Computershare where the reputation for accepting digital signatures is very much a mixed bag.  The team continued to guide us through the details of mailing the required documents and everything was accepted right off the bat.  Way to go, team!  I will refer Verify My Signature to those in need of such service. - RL, Arlington, Virginia

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